Cybersecurity Operations

Texas A&M System Cybersecurity provides monitoring, detection, and response as a service (MDRaaS) to help customers optimize their cyber defense posture. These services monitor customer devices and networks for signs of malicious or anomalous activity, eliminate false positives, and escalate only actionable items as an alert. MDRaaS alleviates alert and log fatigue by filtering out all of the false positives and only “alerts” on what is impactful. The elimination of false positives saves customers time and effort in reviewing potential threats.

Cybersecurity Shared Services

Texas A&M System Cybersecurity delivers managed services and professional consultation to assist system members with the management of their institution security programs.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Texas A&M System Cybersecurity conducts strategic threat intelligence analysis from open sources to identify threats to the Texas A&M System and its members, proactively feed threat intelligence into the Cybersecurity Operations workflow, and assist system members with cyber threat mitigation.

Information Sharing & Analysis

Texas A&M System Cybersecurity operates a robust information sharing and analysis organization comprising the 19 members of the Texas A&M University System and is a key contributor to the State of Texas Information Sharing & Analysis Organization (TX-ISAO).